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Really Good, Really Easy Tofu Stir Fry

Lots of people *think* they don’t like tofu.  There is no question that tofu that is not prepared well can be bland, mushy, and generally not that great.  Tofu that is well-prepared is delicious.  It absorbs the strong flavors of stir-fry sauces beautifully, and tofu that has been pressed and added to a stir fry complements the textures of stir-fried vegetables perfectly.  The secrets to great tofu are:

1. Buying the right kind of tofu

2. Seasoning and cooking it properly

This recipe is a great one to try if you think you don’t like tofu or are on the fence about it.  Just take care to follow the preparation directions carefully, the preparation makes all the difference.  

tofu broccoli stir fry2
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