“Beef” Bourguigonone

It’s starting to feel like fall in Seattle, and while I’m still enjoying summer vegetables from the garden, I’ve been craving a cool evening and a great fall meal.

This recipe is a vegetarian version of the classic french dish made famous in the US by Julia Child.  If you are not a fan of meat facsimiles, but still want to keep this vegetarian, you could omit the the Gardien beefless tips, and double the mushrooms.  You wouldn’t get the same meaty texture though.

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Monday Night Football Buffalo “Chicken” Pizza

Monday Night Football screams for junky food. This pizza is just junky enough. All of the flavors of buffalo chicken wings, but but meat-free and with a lot less fat and cholesterol. Plus there is plenty of blue and green on it. Go Seahawks!

If you want to prep this in advance so you don’t miss any of the game, prep it up until the final 5 minutes in the oven, then put it in the oven during a commercial or halftime.

Serve this with a salad or a veggie tray with a healthy dip like hummus, baba ganoush, or tatziki.  

For a full pizza 101, visit this post.

buffalo chicken pizza
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Okonomiyaki (Japanese Cabbage Pancake)

Okonomiyaki is a popular Japanese street food consisting of cabbage, egg, and other various items like meat, fish, even yakisoba noodles.  The word “okonomiyaki” means “grilled as you like it”, indicating that you can put virtually anything in these pancakes, sometimes referred to as Japanese pizza.  This recipes is a simple, vegetarian version of the dish (if you leave out the bonito flakes).


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