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Spring Quiche

I got the idea for this quiche when I was searching around for quiche recipes that included greek yogurt.  (I thought I could reduce the number of eggs required for quiche by replacing some with yogurt.)  I stumbled across this recipe and thought it looked amazing.  Such a beautiful presentation for something so easy!  I made a few modifications (including adding more eggs).  🙁  I like a thicker quiche, and I wanted to amp up the presentation by making this in a springform pan and serving it on a pedestal.

You can use whatever vegetables you like in this.  I used zucchini, artichokes and baby spinach, but asparagus, leeks or arugula would all work well too.  A summer version of this would be excellent with zuchinni, corn and tomatoes.  

Served with a salad, this makes for a perfect spring brunch.  This is a small recipe that serves 3-4, but you could make it for a larger group by using a full sheet of puff pastry and doubling the rest of the ingredients.
spring quiche
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