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Halibut en Papillote

Cooking fish in parchment (en papillote)  is a fast and foolproof way to create a restaurant quality-meal with delicately-flavored fish and fresh seasonal vegetables.  The bonus is that this dish is low in fat and gluten-free.  I love cooking fish in parchment in spring and summer.  This preparation takes advantage of fresh spring and summer vegetables and herbs, and accentuates the delicate sweet flavor of fresh halibut. 
halibut en papillote2
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Panko Crusted Halibut

Halibut is one of my favorite fish.  Sweet and mild with a firm texture that flakes apart when properly cooked.  It’s a great fish to entertain with, because it’s mild flavor is appealing to many palates.  When serving halibut to a group, I prefer to serve a large center cut piece of fish as opposed to individual portions.  That being said, this preparation works well for individual portions as well.  When buying fish, a good rule of thumb is ~6 oz per person, but this number can be adjusted up larger appetites.  The recipe below serves 6 very generously but could serve up to 8.

Panko breadcrumbs are essential to this recipe.  Their crisp and crunchy texture is a perfect compliment to the halibut.  Panko breadcrumbs hail from Japan, and they are made with a crustless bread.  The have a lighter, crunchier, airier texture than traditional western breadcrumbs.  Panko is widely available in many supermarkets.

panko crusted halibut

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